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FAQ - Wir helfen dir gerne!

  • How do I assemble a picture?
    Your kit contains all bricks (packed separately by color), the base plate(s), the assembly material and a link to the instruction booklet. This booklet shows where each brick needs to be placed on the base plate(s). Use the button on this page to download an example booklet. Important: Our pictures consist of finely colored bricks which can be mixed up. The bricks should not lie loosely together or be mixed! We recommend that you always keep bricks of the same color in their own containers.
  • How do I hang up a SMALL sized StoneAge picture?
    Our pictures are available in various sizes. For the SMALL size you only need to stick the supplied adhesive hook and the two spacers on the back of the base plate. No glue is necessary, the components stick by themselves. Make sure that the adhesive hook is in the middle of the upper half of the picture. Now you can hang up your picture on a wall hook or a screw just like a normal picture frame. Caution: Before assembling all bricks must be put on the base plate.
  • How do I hang up M, L and XL StoneAge pictures?
    Our pictures are also available in MEDIUM, LARGE and X-LARGE. They consist of several base plates that have to be assembled first. The base plates are connected to each other by using the supplied profile rods. No glue is necessary, the components stick by themselves. Caution: Before assembling the base plates, all bricks must be put on each of them.


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